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England has moved to Step 4 on 19 July 2021 in relation to the Coronavirus.   Although we are open for business there will be a gradual return to regular face to face appointments.  In order to support our clients and protect them and our staff we will continue to conduct as many meetings as possible using the telephone and video conferencing.  We shall continue to use face coverings and observe social distancing and would ask that clients are not offended by these rules which we employ to ensure business is conducting in a safe environment.  Visitors to our office should not be offended when requested to observe our rules.

Contact Veronica White by telephone using the mobile number 07568159462 or by emailing info@elitelegalservices.co.uk.


Our services

Elite Legal Services aims and objectives are to provide a professional and personal legal service to the local community.


Family Law

Our Family Law Solicitor is a member of Resolution

Wills & Probate

Elite Legal Services’ Specialist prepares Wills tailored to each client’s needs.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Our Specialist Solicitor is able to assist with the preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorneys.

Declaration of Trusts

Elite Legal Services know how valuable a Declaration of Trust can be when properly drafted.

Property Disputes

Elite Legal Services know how valuable a Declaration of Trust can be when properly drafted.

Change of Name Deeds

Gone are the days when you can use any name you wish and this is accepted by banks, buildings societies and other institutions without encountering difficulties.


Elite Legal Services can assist with the application for Deputyship when either a loved one or someone close is unable to give instructions for the preparation of a Lasting Power of Attorney because they lack the necessary mental capacity.

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